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15 Aug 2018

Key workers' needs explained

The broadband experience in key worker accommodation should feel no different from that which you would get anywhere else.

A key worker is defined in the UK as a public sector employee who is considered to provide an essential service. This wide variety of professions includes: nursing, junior doctors, prison officers, teachers, social service staff and police officers. These people are required to carry out their jobs throughout the country, but all too often housing can be unaffordable and services can struggle to recruit and retain staff.

The concept of the key worker is not that new, dating back to the late 1960's, but the growth in demand for accommodation for these workers has only really taken off in the last 10 years or so. As the amount of key worker accommodation has increased, residents have also come to expect more from it. Providing an affordable place to live is no longer enough, key workers today expect to have access to the same sort of facilities as someone living in the private rented sector or even traditional social housing. 

Connectivity is critical to so many of us these days and key workers are no exception. Like anyone else they need to access online services to work, study and pay their bills. A fast, reliable and affordable internet connection is extremely desirable and necessary to these residents. With so many of these key workers training or studying, tenancies are often short. Mainstream ISP's with their 12-18 month contracts simply don't cater for these needs, the requirement to have a landline also pushes up the price and becomes a real barrier for many. With this in mind, a flexible, no contract approach, with no need to take a landline such as Optify from PCCW Global provides the best platform for key worker connectivity, delivering a superior product at a very competitive price.

For operators such as housing associations, being able to provide this high quality, good value and reliable service is a real value add to their portfolio. Accommodation that comes with great connectivity will be more attractive to potential residents, reducing costly void periods and increasing resident satisfaction. Developers and operators need to look at their connectivity solutions and ask themselves if they meet the need and demands of their key worker residents? 

Why not read our case study on delivering fast, reliable and affordable broadband to A2Dominion?

Key workers' needs explained

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