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8 Aug 2018

Take care when choosing your full fibre provider

Developers, investors and landlords who are looking for improved connectivity to their buildings are often confused by the term 'full-fibre'. What exactly does it mean, and when is a claim of full fibre provision not necessarily the case?

In this article, we aim to define what is really meant by full fibre and we outline some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by deploying our "true" full fibre solution.

If you're a developer or landlord, you may be looking at ways to add value to your existing or new build property and/or are looking at ways to provide additional services to your residents. Providing high-speed connectivity to a building is a great way of achieving both of these aims.

There's been a lot of talk in the media and industry regarding the roll out of fibre infrastructure to more parts of the UK. The idea is simple. Better connectivity to homes and businesses enables people to do more online, be more productive and potentially lower costs too. This vision is backed by the Government, who is encouraging providers to look at innovative and cost effective ways to accelerate this programme.

However, there is growing debate around the term "full fibre". Some providers, such as BT, refer to full fibre as fibre that stops at the roadside cabinet or just inside the front door. Then, inside the building, these providers use copper cabling (such as Cat5e/6 or coax), which does not bring the full benefits of "full fibre". Speeds are good, but this approach is short sighted and will not provide the ultimate connectivity experience, or one that can easily be upgraded in the years to come as technology improves.

At PCCW Global, our full fibre solution - called Optify - provides a true "full fibre" experience. Our fibre carries on within the building, brought into every apartment, right the way to the router. The term for this technology is GPON – a fast, cost-effective method of deploying fibre broadband without the bottleneck of copper or Ethernet cables. GPON is future proofed, allowing hundreds of gigabits of data in the future on the fibres we install today and with up to 70% less infrastructure than rival technologies.

The message to developers and landlords is clear. If you're looking for a future-proofed, full fibre connectivity solution with a choice of revenue models, then you need to speak to us at PCCW Global, one of the world's leading communication providers.

6 great reasons to choose Optify from PCCW Global

  • Choice of revenue models, upfront or ongoing revenue
  • Fewer cables than Ethernet
  • Less power required – and no power along the cable route
  • Less space required for infrastructure and equipment
  • The potential for 10+ Gibabit speeds in the future
  • A more discreet and sympathetic deployment

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