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4 Sep 2018

Today's students demand better connectivity

With the new academic year nearly here, the spotlight is shining on the latest generation of students who demand better connectivity and are more aware of the benefits of other smart building technology. How does this affect student accommodation providers?

There’s no denying that a strong campus Wi-Fi network is critical in terms of attracting and retaining students in higher education. You’re dealing with a user base that expects to be connected via desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming devices and more. Today’s college and university users expect nothing less than sustained, reliable connectivity that doesn’t fail them.

Not long ago, merely having a bed and adequate kitchen facilities was enough for most students. However, research published earlier this year by a leading facilities management company found that Wi-Fi is of the highest importance to the latest generation of students, with 79% of UK students considering it the most important service in their university environment. How times have changed. 

The connectivity environment required is wildly different today than it was even only a few years ago. Students today rely much more on Wi-Fi than in the past, using more devices and consuming more data than ever before. This rise in usage really strains older, less capable networks and highlights the need for student accommodation providers to invest in the latest fibre optic networking to deliver a future-proofed experience, if they're are going to continue to attract new residents.

Today's students are also more aware of security and environmental impact than their predecessors. The Internet of Things provides a great opportunity for providers to use technology to deliver smarter, safer and more environmentally friendly buildings, making them more attractive to prospective residents. An inadequate network simply cannot provide the backbone to support this emerging technology meaning providers could be missing out on efficiencies and improved compliance in areas such as environmental monitoring, security and HVAC controls to name but a few.

These two reasons alone mean it's more important than ever for student accommodation providers to rise to the challenge and exceed the expectation of students both today and into the future. Failure to do so will leave them trailing in the rankings and struggling to fill available rooms.

PCCW Global is part of Hong Kong Telecom, a world leader in global networking and delivery of smart buildings and have been delivering fast and reliable student connections for nearly two decades. The same fibre connectivity provided by Optify student broadband also opens the door for accommodation providers to utilise the latest IoT technology, improving their security, efficiency and environmental benefits.

So if you're looking to improve the internet experience of your student residents and are interested in improved efficiency and compliance then you need to speak to us today.

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