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23 Oct 2018

A unique partnership for housing associations

At PCCW Global, we go about our business with a keen sense of social responsibility, and use our technology, global reach and talent pool to make a contribution to society wherever we see an opportunity to assist.

PCCW Global has partnered with All Afloat, an independent Welsh charity initiated by RYA Cymru Wales. The charity provides those from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds with an opportunity not just to try sailing, but also to become proficient and make it into a lifelong passion.

Together, our aim is to provide the next generation of Connected Building Solutions to those most in need, delivering class leading value for money and giving something back into the communities of Wales which we serve.

Improving digital inclusion

Digitally excluded people lack a voice and visibility in the modern world, as the provision of government and other commercial services increasingly move online. What’s more, it’s those already at a disadvantage - through age, education, income, disability, or unemployment - who are most likely to be missing out, further widening the gap in social inequality.

Our aim is to provide a range of high quality, value for money Connected Building Solutions to housing associations in Wales, including broadband for residents, assisted living accommodation and a range of smart building solutions

As part of the partnership, PCCW Global will donate 10% of any order value to All Afloat, allowing them to help more local children throughout Wales

About All Afloat

All Afloat was first launched as a new initiative in May 2017 by RYA Cymru Wales. Our aims are to provide opportunities for young people to ‘try out’ and take part in a range of sailing and boating activities in the hope and aspiration that they gain a recognised RYA qualification.

“All Afloat’s vision is designed to reach out to disadvantaged young people in Wales who have not had the opportunity to develop any boating or sailing skills,
even though they may live near the seaside and coast.” - Phil Braden, CEO, RYA Cymru Wales

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