13 Dec 2018

Student Accommodation 2018

The annual Student Accommodation event took place on 12th December in London, focusing on the latest developments in this ever changing market.

Students demand more from their accommodation, particularly when it comes to connectivity. Gone are the days when slow, unreliable internet would be acceptable. Today's students are better connected than ever, with more devices consuming more bandwidth. Just a few years ago, streaming movies, games and TV was rare, now it's the norm.

Universities looking to improve the student experience need to turn to a solution that's proven to deliver the fastest and most reliable speeds both today and into the future. Optify student broadband delivers this through the deployment of ultrafast fibre optic cabling offering speeds of up to 1Gbps, plenty for the needs of students.

The Student Accommodation event was also the perfect opportunity to showcase a growing range of smart building technology which can be used alongside a deployment of student broadband infrastructure. PCCW Global experts were on hand to demonstrate some of this technology which included security, visual communication tools and technology to improve compliance and monitoring.

This growing area of expertise will allow universities to take more control of their buildings, lower costs and improve safety and security. One of the most popular pieces on the demo board was the legionella monitoring solution. Hot and cold water systems in student buildings require regular monitoring and recording of temperatures to ensure no growth of legionella bacteria. Usually this is carried out by a visiting person who records temperatures manually on a periodic basis. The PCCW Global solution employs a number of sensors on hot and cold water supplies and storage tanks to monitor and report on temperatures in real time, alerting building managers in the event of a problem. Though rare, legionella bacteria can cause legionnaires disease in humans causing respiratory problems and even death. Any building with shared water systems must comply with regulations that ensure water cannot become contaminated. This solution allows a far easier and cost effective way to ensure compliance and the safety of residents.

University accommodation managers can find out more about Optify Student Broadband and Smart technology at www.optifyyourworld.com

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