10 Jan 2019

A new approach to building security systems

Having a secure environment for your tenants, customers and employees is of vital importance when operating a building. You need to give your occupants the confidence in knowing that they are protected and have the right support if the worst happens. So, we offer a complete managed, end-to-end service for your property needs.

Times are changing in security as a result of new technology. Previously it was common for building managers to source communications and security through multiple suppliers, this leads to inevitable inefficiencies and far more in the way of infrastructure. Traditionally communications and security cabling has been treated entirely separately. It's installed and maintained by different people and companies and uses different technology, simply put they don't speak the same language. Is there another way?

Having the right underlying data infrastructure is critical to offering robust and reliable building security solutions. For this reason we deploy the latest technology on top of our future proof full fibre infrastructure. We've honed our experience as one of the world's leading fibre optic specialists and have worked to deploy this technology worldwide.

Fibre optic cables can carry very large amounts of data, and compared to traditional copper cables are much thinner and easier to install. In simple terms this means fewer and smaller holes are needed and less disruption. As PCCW Global install and manage the smart security devices that means you only need one supplier for communications such as broadband and security, one contract and one point of contact which can save both time and costs.

We deploy the latest technology including: CCTV, door access and intercom to secure your building and keep your tenants safe. Once installed and configured, we monitor the systems in real time, 24/7. This means we can predict devices failing before they actually do, and our network of field engineers are always on hand should you need them.

It’s peace of mind powered by the fastest fibre optic technology in the UK. Your building really couldn’t be smarter, or safer.

So if you're looking to improve the connectivity and security in your building then why not get in touch?

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