23 Jan 2019

Delivering full fibre infrastructure to the UK PRS sector

The UK's Private Rented Sector (PRS) is going through a period of rapid change. Increasing interest by both UK and overseas large institutional investors are key elements in the recent expansion of the PRS.

Rising demand for professionally managed PRS accommodation has led to the emergence of large scale owners aiming to offer a bespoke, professionally run service to a large and growing market. Large institutional investors are now taking a larger share of the landlord market creating bigger schemes and driving supply.

The Build-To-Rent (BTR) sector has grown significantly in the last few years, and the largest volume of BTR is coming through in urban city centres with London leading the way, but there is also significant activity in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. Housing associations and local authorities have also increasingly been looking to the PRS as a means of alleviating local housing shortages and subsidising reductions in central Government grant funding.

This growth in the availability of high quality property has led to residents expecting more from their accommodation not only in terms of fit and finish but also the services provided within the building. Until recently the availability of high-speed broadband was not seen as a priority by developers, a simple connection to the old copper network was considered adequate. Residents though are now consuming more data through the growth in on-demand TV and gaming services as well as a growing range of IoT devices. These copper networks are simply incapable of supporting the ever demanding needs and don't provide a sustainable long term solution.

PCCW Global has been designing and installing true full fibre optic networks since 2000. A unique approach takes the fibre to every apartment in a block, not stopping at the entrance to the building. The use of fibre throughout provides a smarter infrastructure capable of supporting growth in traffic for years to come. It also provides the opportunity for building owners to use the same fibre network to deliver a range of smart building technology, designed to reduce operating costs and increase security and compliance. 

So if you're a developer are you listening to the needs of today's residents? Why not speak to our experts and see how PCCW Global can deliver a truly 21st century network?

Further information on our full fibre services to new build BTR property can be found here.

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