20 Feb 2019

Boosting building safety and security with the deployment of full fibre networks

The issue of building safety has become a big issue in the construction and property sector in recent years. Most work has focused on the construction methods and building materials used. However, the benefits of digital infrastructure in improving building safety have largely been ignored.

Currently, the main motivator for landowners to have full-fibre installed is to provide faster and more reliable internet for their tenants. However, the potential benefits of this infrastructure are much broader. The ultrafast data that a full-fibre optic network delivers is often underappreciated, in that it can be used to enable a number of Smart and interconnected technologies which can greatly boost safety for residents and improve efficiencies for managers.

A full-fibre installation at a property can provide fast and almost unlimited bandwidth for IP connected sensors and devices. Fibre optic cable has a small form factor, just 3mm diameter, and is passive and so does not need a power supply to operate. This makes it simple to install data-points in any part of a building and in locations where it makes most sense for smart sensors to collect the most relevant data.

A good example of technology in action are Internet connected fire and intruder alarms. Interconnected smoke alarms form an integrated system of protection for a building, therefore if one alarm in a building detects smoke, all interconnected alarms will sound- whilst also alerting offsite managers through their mobile and laptop devices.  Further to this, full-fibre also enables the deployment of other safety and security technology including: door entry systems, IP CCTV cameras and water temperature monitoring which help to improve a building’s overall security and compliance.

These additional benefits of a full fibre infrastructure are not just a vision. At PCCW Global we’re already delivering the latest smart technology solutions. By installing this foundation into buildings, customer, landowners and property managers alike can enhance the buildings smart technology, without having to worry about the bandwidth constraints these devices will have.

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