11 Mar 2019

Paula Benoit to participate in MIPIM discussion panel

We're at MIPIM, March 12-15 as part of the London at MIPIM stand. PCCW Global Networks (UK) CEO, Paula Benoit will be taking part in a panel discussion entitled "A Modular Mindset" on 13th March at 16:00.

In late 2018, New London Architecture wrote a research piece entitled A Modular Mindset, which set out how modular construction techniques could be used to deliver high quality and affordable housing in London.

The discussion panel will look to discuss this research in more detail as London seeks to solve the problem of housing its residents. Paula Benoit will look in detail at how modular buildings can lead to better integration of new services and technologies including smart building technology and ultra fast connectivity.

At PCCW Global, we don't just believe in speed of connections but also speed of delivery. Modular construction provides a superb opportunity to roll out the rapid construction of new neighbourhoods for key workers, students and other affordable housing projects. Optify are able to start working on a project quickly, bringing fibre to the site just like other utilities, whilst at the same time working with modular building manufacturers to design and construct buildings with pre-built connectivity. This approach means a significant cost and time saving on getting residents and users connected enabling faster more reliable communications and smart buildings.

The panel will also provide the opportunity to introduce the concept of Walk In Working. This would in theory allow a building to be used before its even finished. With no need for first and second fix on site, safer installs and providing owners and managers with a more cost effective and desirable building, it's clear the modular construction can help to deliver the new homes London needs.

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