19 Sep 2019

A lot has changed since 1951

The Lawn in Harlow was built in 1951, the first High Rise in the UK according to RIBA. The design team here had it easy with only copper telephone lines from the General Post Office to account for in their telecom package.

From 1951 to where we are today, we have seen the need for more and more infrastructure within our Residential Multi Dwelling Units. TV, Broadband, Intercom, CCTV, and multiple building management services. All taking up large amounts of space, energy, and cost to install and operate.

Another hurdle we can see for our MDU’s lies with connectivity. To truly unlock the potential of the most modern devices available across a wide range of applications such as Fire Sensors, Solar Panels or in-building mobile signal boosters to name three. They all need to be connected to the internet.

PCCW Global’s Smart Building Infrastructure brings everything together. One Fibre network, capable of delivering against all your needs. Through partnering with our clients and their building, we provide connectivity where ever you require it. Allowing you to use the most modern equipment in your properties and unlock the huge potential that comes with remote management and reporting.

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