8 Sep 2020

7 Ways Smart Technology Can Improve Your Workplace

The innovation of technology and the development of sophisticated connected devices have truly transformed the productivity and processes of businesses. There are still a lot of businesses today that don’t know the significant benefits of utilising IoT technology in their workplace and the effects it could do to the workforce.

The IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a network of internet-enabled objects that has software, sensors, and network connection that allow them to connect and exchange data. By using these smart devices, you could improve the productivity of every process and make them more efficient. Here are some of the ways IoT technology can improve your workplace.

Enhance Office Efficiency
Today, most of the companies are starting to invest more in both smart speakers and voice-enabled AI applications that will enable employees to interact with virtual assistants to get certain tasks done quickly without touching anything.

With the use of IoT technology, they can increase the efficiency of the employees by freeing up their time from repetitive tasks so they can focus on more complex work. Utilising voice-enabled smart assistants such as Siri or Alexa can be a great way to enhance efficiency for workplaces. They can be synced up with IoT devices to accommodate necessary information based on the custom settings.

Improve Employee Productivity
Harnessing IoT technology capable of connecting devices can make remote working possible in workplaces to improve the productivity of the employees. Employees will no longer have to stay in the same office with another employee to enable collaboration.

If your workplace makes use of shared networks, your employees will be able to manage their work in other places using portable devices and cloud-hosted software. Keep in mind that the best way to improve the productivity of your employees is to implement IoT-based initiatives in the workplace.

Enable Energy Conservation
In addition to improving the productivity of the employees, the IoT can help businesses to efficiently use their resources and decrease their unnecessary expenses. Technologies like intelligent lighting can also be used in different ways to improve the workplace. It can be programmed to learn the user’s schedules and enable motion sensors.

Further, artificially intelligent systems such as smart thermostats are capable of adjusting the air conditioner and heater from overuse and lower the energy expenditure. Businesses and companies will be able to save more expenses by focusing on enabling energy conservation IoT technology.

Enable Cybersecurity 
The number of cybersecurity risks will also increase in proportion to the rapid development of innovative technologies in the era of digitalisation. Using IoT technology combined with the latest security can help protect your data and network from potential threats.

Security will become a primary concern as more businesses and the general public use technology and smart devices in their daily lives. Having IoT technology to ensure an effective security plan in your workplace can help you prepare with the possible cybersecurity threats that could steal your data.

Improve the Supply Chain
IoT technology can significantly improve how businesses and companies manage their supply chain using smart tags and sensors such as RFID. Using smart tags and sensors allows you to keep track and full control of the inventory levels and locate whether the item is still in a warehouse or has reached the store in real-time.

Coordinate Operations
IoT technology is capable of collecting vast amounts of data that businesses could use to improve or change the way they handle and operate work to be more effective. For instance, you could use smart sensors to locate which rooms are full or being used at a certain time of the day, letting you know which rooms are vacant for you to schedule meetings.

Track Manufacturing
IoT technology such as smart sensors allows you to gain full control and knowledge of your factory assets. Smart sensors are capable of notifying you if any problem occurs and persists during the manufacturing process. If a particular part has issues, you’ll be able to know in an instant, making it easy for you to replace it before any more damage is done.

Smart technology is the future
The development of smart building technology and the continuous evolution of artificial intelligence can open more opportunities for businesses to become more efficient and effective. This can increase user experience and provide the best products and services for consumers.

IoT technology can also improve the way workplaces operate to increase and improve the workforce as well as to make their work experience easier and better. Implementing IoT technologies in workplaces can benefit everyone in a lot of ways, the few shown above are just the tip of the iceberg.

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