True full fibre broadband for your property

Bringing 10 Gigabit fibre optic broadband to new and existing buildings.

Slow broadband speeds can wipe as much as 20% off the value of a property and a lack of superfast connectivity can be a deal breaker in property sales and rentals.
Source: Rightmove study, 2014

Getting the broadband your residents deserve

Superfast broadband; today, it’s as much a utility as gas, electricity and water, so we make sure it’s as straightforward for both you and your residents.

Superfast access to the internet enhances the quality of living for home owners and tenants alike. Ensuring it’s available makes good business sense for any developer, owner or property manager.

Using the latest fibre optic technology, we can make sure that your building is connected with up to 10 Gigabit broadband all the way into each apartment/unit.

Why take fibre broadband from us?

We partner with you to guarantee an exceptional ultrafast service to your occupants. This gives you a further edge in what is one of the most competitive markets in the UK.

Whether yours is a luxury new development, or an established or heritage property, we can deliver faster broadband and happier residents.

Most important for you is that we provide the investment in infrastructure and then deliver the services direct to your customers.

Deploying ultrafast fibre broadband can cost you nothing.

Find out how Optify successfully deployed true full-fibre to London's Barbican Estate in our case study.

Benefits for you

  • A trusted offer that will enhance your building's value and desirability A trusted offer that will enhance your building's value and desirability
  • Put your property on the map, with the UK’s fastest broadband Put your property on the map, with the UK’s fastest broadband
  • Future-proofed network, easily upgraded Future-proofed network, easily upgraded
  • No financial outlay by the landlord or manager No financial outlay by the landlord or manager
  • Wireless solutions for foyers, lounges and gyms Wireless solutions for foyers, lounges and gyms

When we say "full fibre", we mean "full fibre".

We pride ourselves on our technology which brings fibre all the way to the router. Other providers have fibre that stops at the roadside cabinet or just inside the front door. This means that speeds are slowed down by the infrastructure put into the building – but not so with us.

Our solution uses a technology called GPON – a fast, cost-effective method of deploying fibre broadband without the bottleneck of copper or Ethernet cables.

GPON is future proofed, allowing hundreds of gigabits of data in the future on the fibres we install today and with up to 70% less infrastructure than rival technologies.

No other provider is offering this technology as standard across the UK.

Benefits for your tenants

  • Ultrafast speeds from 50 Meg up to 10 Gig Ultrafast speeds from 50 Meg up to 10 Gig
  • No setup costs and no line rental No setup costs and no line rental
  • Unlimited data downloads Unlimited data downloads
  • Instant access from day one Instant access from day one
  • Round the clock support Round the clock support

Full fibre benefits

Whatever your building type, scope or need, we have the right solution for you; scalable, future-proof fibre optic solutions delivering speeds of up to 10 Gigabits and beyond.

We will deliver a fibre connection to your building, installing a small amount of equipment to a central location.

Our engineers will then discreetly install fibre optic cables throughout the property to allow your residents to connect to our service.

Having a full fibre installation in your building brings many benefits:

For you:

  • Fewer cables than Ethernet
  • Less power required – and no power along the cable route
  • Less space required for infrastructure and equipment
  • The potential for 10+ Gigabit speeds in the future
  • A more discreet and sympathetic deployment

For your residents:

  • The UK’s fastest broadband speeds
  • Uninterrupted 4K TV streaming
  • Great customer service
  • Great user experience
  • Great value internet from an award-winning provider

We know property

We’ve been deploying bespoke fibre optic and Wi-Fi solutions for multi-occupancy residences in the UK since 2000.

From the very latest residential development to older, listed buildings, we always provide a sympathetic and hassle-free installation.

We make sure you are fully supported during and after the install. You will get dedicated account management from our national team, backed by 24/7 UK-based customer care for you and your residents.

Once contracts are signed, our hyper-local marketing gets your residents excited and ready for their ultrafast broadband.

Just leave it to us to provide a future-proofed installation that will enhance the value of your property. And for larger projects, there’s no financial outlay required from you.