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At Optify Mediaforce Limited, we want to ensure that all vulnerable customers are fully supported and looked after. To this end, we offer a number of services to support customers. If you have particular requirements and wish to speak to us concerning the services offered below, please call Customer Care on 0333 308 0090 to discuss your needs. We may need to send you an authorisation form to get your consent to process your personal data so that we can fully support you.

Text Relay

Text Relay services enable customers, who can’t speak on the phone, to make calls using a third-party provider, who take typed conversations from the customer and relay this to the called party. To use this service, customers will need to dial the following codes from a text phone in conjunction with the number they are calling:

  • 18000 to contact the emergency services (NOTE: it is not necessary to dial 999)
  • 18001 before the full number for a text to text or text to voice call
  • 18002 before the full number for a voice to text call

Customers can also use an app in parallel with a phone call to use the text relay service. Please visit www.relayuk.bt.com to find more details of how to set up and use the full range of text relay services.

Alternative document formats

We can send contracts, terms & conditions, and bills in alternative formats, such as Braille and large print format. Please call our Customer Care team on 0333 308 0090 to discuss this further.

Priority Fault Repair

If you are reliant on the phone service that we provide, for health or other reasons, we can offer a free priority telephone fault repair service. This service is only available if you or someone in your household is at risk, and we will give your fault priority over other individual customers in your area who also have a fault. Please call us on 0333 308 0090 to discuss this service and to register.

Please be aware that there may be circumstances beyond our control where we may not be able to provide this service, for example, due to major repairs required during storms.

Nominating a Third Party

You can nominate a third party (such as a friend or relative) to act on your behalf and with whom we can contact in relation to your account. Bills can be sent to this third party and they can pay on your behalf if you wish. Please call us to discuss this in more detail and we will send you a nomination form that your third party must complete and that you must also complete and then send back to us.

For more information on how we process your personal data, and why, please refer to our Privacy Statement.

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