Digital signage from Optify can help you improve engagement with your building's occupants.

No longer the preserve of retail outlets and hotels, many organisations are realising the benefits of adding digital signage to their communications toolbox. Today, property owners and managers are deploying high quality display panels across their sites to help increase their reach. Tackling internal communication issues has never been simpler.

What can digital signage do for me?

It’s plain and simple: if you are struggling to get a message to your audience, and you are looking for an alternative to web, print or broadcast, digital signage could very well be the right mechanism. It can turbo charge your communications, giving you the ability to reach further, faster.

Perhaps you already use screens to communicate to your building residents, and are having to manually update the content on each screen using a USB memory stick. If so, you’ll be delighted to hear that our solution allows content to be pushed to the screens from a central, remote point, and the screens can also be monitored remotely, to ensure they are on and showing the correct information.

Take control of your screens

Whether it’s one screen or a hundred, you can manage your full suite of screens from a central location. Using an intuitive Content Management System (CMS), you can easily create, update, and push out your content to the screens you want.

And if you want to manage settings or schedule firmware updates, you can. With today’s digital signage, time is saved, and communications can be better managed and distributed.

Communicate on your terms

Our digital signage solutions are a dynamic way of conveying important information to your customers and co-workers.

We will work with you to determine your requirements, and will pre-configure, ship and install all panels at your site(s). We also build and manage the digital signage server environment and, as you would expect, will hand over a fully working system with all documentation.

We also offer 24/7 panel monitoring and can fully maintain your chosen digital signage installation, allowing you to focus on providing the right message to your audience.

With our digital signage solution, you can get your message across and communicate on your terms.

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