Buildings are becoming smarter. Employing smart technology can reduce energy costs by 20% and increase building values by 7.5%.
It’s amazing what connected buildings can do.

Not all smart buildings are created equal. By employing the right company, and investing in the right technology, you could achieve considerable savings. Running on top of our full fibre infrastructure, our building monitoring and control solutions can optimise your property and increase efficiencies.

We offer turnkey solutions for energy and condition monitoring and control. These solutions, unlike many in the marketplace, are end-to-end.

Data is collected from a wide range of meters and sensors and transmitted wirelessly to gateway devices which, in turn, store and send the consolidated data over our fibre network to the
cloud-based visualisation software.

The beauty of this integrated end-to-end solution is that with one system, you can monitor and control many different applications. This results in a flexible system that, while initially purchased for one purpose, can then be extended for other uses without costly duplication of infrastructures or more software licenses.

Applications include:

  • Energy monitoring and control - energy and utilities can be tracked, and consumption data collected and analysed, to tell you where, when and how much energy is being used. This can help you to target energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and save money.
  • Legionella compliance - improving water safety and reducing monitoring costs.
  • Environmental monitoring - air temperature and CO2 levels can be tracked to optimise working environments.
  • Tenant billing - this system allows building operators to apportion energy costs to tenants, internal departments, or business cost centres, with the bill customised to the organisation’s requirements.

Starter packs 

We offer a number of application-specific starter packs, covering the following areas:

  • Legionella compliance
  • Office environment
  • Energy monitoring
  • Healthcare & care homes

The wireless monitoring and control tools we provide are designed, developed and manufactured by UK-based IoT leaders, Invisible Systems. We consult on, design and integrate their solutions, which in turn are supported 24/7 by our customer care team and backed up by our expert field engineers.

So just relax. Your building systems will be in the best possible hands, and you will be ready to realise the business benefits of smart buildings from Optify.

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