Employing smart technology in buildings can minimise operating costs, reduce a building’s ecological footprint, and create the perfect environment to live, work, and play. But the right systems must be in place to optimise performance.

Our full fibre optic infrastructure is state-of-the-art. It delivers ultrafast broadband, brings digital TV to every dwelling, and can facilitate improved communication throughout the building. In doing so, they connect residents and buildings like never before.

Networking is the core of what we do. Optify’s network solutions use future-proofed fibre optic technology to power back office services, the very best public area Wi-Fi, and build robust and secure LAN, WAN, and VPN connections.

Security is critical to any network deployment. We provide an IT security portfolio, unmatched in ability, to help you disrupt threats, deploy security innovations and reduce the cost of your own IT security.

The entertainment package we provide is fully featured too. Our Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS) takes a feed from a single satellite dish or communal aerial and distributes it to every dwelling in your building via our cutting edge Passive Optical Network. We work closely with Sky and offer competitive prices on their digital bundles and box set packages.

And our fibre optic cables themselves are very discreet - just 3mm in diameter. We have extensive experience of installing our full fibre infrastructure in both new builds and older properties, and we can offer a hidden fibre option where aesthetics are all important. Just leave it to us to future-proof your property.

When it comes to digital signage, we provide a full range of options. Panels can be installed around your building, and controlled and monitored from one location, on or off site, making it a breeze to manage estate-wide communications.

We supply market-leading displays, and the system itself is intuitive and remarkably easy to use. Content is created using a simple drag and drop tool, and templates are provided, so it’s easy to get started right away.

Buildings are places of work, and Optify can provide businesses with a complete, integrated, easy to use solution for voice, video and collaboration services. Delivered via the cloud, the service helps businesses improve productivity, reduce costs and completely transform their communications without the need to make large upfront investments.

These systems are all complex, but bringing them together is what we do. And when they can add so much value to your business, aren’t you glad there’s a company like Optify behind them?

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