The internet speed isn't very good over Wi-Fi

To get the best speeds, you should always try to use a wired Ethernet connection if one is present.

Using the Wi-Fi connection may result in slower speeds. This is because the wireless service is usually shared among all Optify users in a block. Each user has, on average, 2-3 devices connected to the network, and at peak times, this can cause a strain on the available bandwidth. A wired connection provides a personal in-room connection that is not shared with anyone else - this will guarantee the maximum download speed for the package to which you subscribe.

If you are using the Wi-Fi connection, make sure you are connecting using 5GHz where available for the best possible speed.

Make sure your device's wireless drivers are up-to-date.

You should check your device for any viruses on your machine and the presence of any peer-to-peer file sharing programs.

If you have a wired connection in the room, but you are connecting via a router, this could also cause slow speed issues. If a router is connected to the in-room data socket, we can only guarantee the speeds with an Optify MediaHub, because they are specially preconfigured by us. Some third party routers can have problems reaching top speeds due to the way they are configured. We cannot help customers to configure third party routers or support the use of them if they are causing service issues.

If you are connecting directly to the data socket with a cable or via a MediaHub and are still having problems with slow speeds, you should contact Customer Care.

Once you have checked all the above, and still have an issue, please contact Customer Care.


This page was last modified on: 02/03/2020
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