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  • Are there any download limits or restrictions?

    Unlike most companies that advertise an unlimited service, we have no bandwidth cap and don't restrict speeds at peak times. So, unless you're abusing the service or have a virus, you're free to use the Internet and download as much as you want.

  • Do you apply any content restrictions?

    No. Optify provides its users with full access to the internet. Our Acceptable Usage Policy ensures the network is used responsibly and enforces restrictions on access to illegal and illicit content via the network, actions or activities that may threaten the integrity of the network, abuse of the network through spam and similar applications, privacy infringement and other inappropriate activities.

  • How do I add other devices to my account?

    If you have a games console, smartphone or tablet, you can add it to your account free of charge using My Account. You do need to be a Optify subscriber, so make sure you're signed up first. Adding extra devices to your account ensures they stay logged in when in range of an Optify Wi-Fi network.

  • Will I get the same speeds on Wi-Fi as on Ethernet?

    Our speeds are not prepended by an 'up to' and we do our best to make sure that you get the speed stated for your account. If you are using a cabled Ethernet point in your room, you will get the best possible speed.

    If you are using a MediaHub connected to the cabled point in your room, you will have your own private Wi-Fi bubble and you can allocate all your speed to your MediaHub. Any devices connected to the MediaHub (wired or wireless) will share this allocation of speed.

    If you are using an Optify public Wi-Fi service, it is not possible for us to guarantee those speeds, as the Wi-Fi signal is shared amongst all connected users.

    TIPMake sure you are connecting using 5GHz on Wi-Fi where available for the best possible speed.

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