How do I use voicemail on the Optify Phone service?

Here’s how to navigate the Optify voicemail system:

To check voicemail
Dial 1592 and enter your PIN. You will be presented with the following options:
1: Listen to new messages*
2: Change folder
3: Advanced options
0: Mailbox options
*: If there are no new messages, option 1 will not be presented.

If you listen to a voicemail but don’t delete it, the message will be moved from the 'New' folder to the 'Old' folder automatically.

Main menu advanced options:
5: Leave a message for another user on the system.
*: Return to the main menu.

Mailbox options
1: Record your unavailable message
2: Record your busy message
3: Record your name
4: Record your temporary greeting
5: Change your PIN/password

Listening to messages
During the playback of any message, you have the following options:
*: Skip backwards 3 seconds
#: Skip forward 3 seconds
0: Pause playback. Press any key to restart.
1, 4-9: Perform the corresponding post playback option:

Post playback options
At the end of each message, you have the following options:
1: Go to the first message in the current folder
2: Change folder
3: Advanced options
4: Go to the previous message in the folder
5: Replay the current message
6: Go to the next message in the folder
7: Delete or undelete the message
8: Forward the message to another user on the system
9: Save the message to a different folder
0: Mailbox options
*: Replay the prompt
#: Exit the voicemail system

Message playback advanced options
1: Record a message and send it directly to the mailbox of the person that sent you the current message (internal users only)
2: Call the person that left the message
3: Play the message envelope (caller ID, date)
5: Leave a message for another user on the system
*: Return to the main menu

This page was last modified on: 03/03/2020
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