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Gigabit home fibre

Future proof. Ultrafast. Fibre optic.

The connected home is a cornerstone of modern living in the UK. From watching films, playing games, working from home, surfing the net and communicating with friends, to state-of-the-art home entertainment, security, utility and control systems, reliable ultrafast broadband provides the backbone that brings it all together.

Optify home fibre delivers the perfect combination of speed and intelligent application with the latest technology and excellent customer service. We’ve got a range of packages to suit any need, all of which are designed to make ultrafast broadband accessible, easy to install and affordable for everyone.

Help and FAQs

Why choose Optify?

We’ve built the most advanced and only truly national fibre optic network in the country, combining speed, intelligence, flexibility and affordability with excellent customer service and investment in future-proofed technology.

  • No upfront costs No upfront costs
  • Five day installation Five day installation
  • Unlimited downloads Unlimited downloads
  • No landline needed No landline needed
  • Ultra-fast speeds Ultra-fast speeds

Our plans & pricing

A range of plans to suit all requirements

Billed Annually Billed Monthly
50 Megabits 12 month contract
per month
  • unlimited downloads
  • hardware included
  • no landline needed
1 Gigabit 12 month contract
per month
  • unlimited downloads
  • hardware included
  • no landline needed

How do our plans compare?

Twelve month comparison

How do we calculate this?

This data is up to date as of April 25th 2017. All prices incl. VAT. Calculations are based on an unlimited package with a comparable download speed. 

Competitor offers may include additional features, charges and/or new pricing after a 12 month period. 

For detail of what is included and how the prices have been calculated see below – bear with us as not everyone keeps pricing nice and simple. 

  • Virgin Media VIVID 100 includes: Virgin Media Hub and Web Safe. Price detail: £32.25 a month for 12 months for broadband plus £14.99 activation fee.
  • Unlimited BT Infinity 1 includes: UK weekend calls to the UK, 100GB BT Cloud, BT Smart Hub , Online Security, Call Protect and free BT Sport on BT TV until 31/7/2017, £125 BT Reward card. Price detail: £34.99 a month for 12 months for broadband and line rental, plus a £59.99 upfront charge.
  • Sky Fibre Unlimited includes: Sky Wi-Fi, Sky Hub, Sky Broadband Shield and McAfee Internet Security Suite trial and Sky Yahoo Email. Price detail: £30.00 a month for 12 months for broadband, line rental and Sky Talk, plus £48.95 one-off set up fee.
  • Talk Talk Faster Fibre: Powerful Super Router, SIM with 500MB data a month, Online Security features, fixed price for contract length and access to TalkTalk TV store. Price detail: £27.00 a month for 12 months for broadband and line rental.

Prices correct at 25/04/2017 on,, and Prices exclude disconnection charges and out of contract prices where applicable.

Annual cost£409£409£324£401
No landline needed
Unlimited downloads
Five day installation

The Optify home hub

Everyone can get in on the action

Key features: 
  • Supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz) and 802.11 a/n/ac (5GHz) standards. 2.4GHz: provides the best coverage when your device is a few rooms away from your Hub. 5GHz: provides the fastest speed when your device is in the same room or one room away from your Hub. Each device can only connect to one Wi-Fi network at any one time.
  • Connects up to 50 Wi-Fi-enabled devices*
  • Four ports to connect devices via network cable — if you prefer a wired connection.

*As you add more devices and use them all at the same time, your speed is shared across those devices. A good tip is to try and download large files late at night, or download movies and music beforehand so you don’t have to stream them in real time. 1 Gigabit speed connections to a single device can only be achieved through a wired connection.