PCCW Global
21 Nov 2018

Improve engagement with building occupants using digital signage

No longer the preserve of retail outlets and hotels, many organisations are realising the benefits of adding digital signage to their communications toolbox.

Today, property owners and managers are deploying high quality display panels across their sites to help increase their reach. Tackling internal communication issues has never been simpler.

Digital signage provides an easy way to communicate with an audience and is a great alternative to using the web, print or broadcast. Many of us are bombarded with messages every day and often choose to ignore them or, simply receive too many to notice and take note of the content. As people enter, leave or move throughout a building, digital signage provides an eye catching way to attract someone's attention and display important information.

Often the content displayed on a screen needs to be updated manually using a USB stick. This labour intensive method is OK with just one or two screens but as soon as you start to increase beyond that number, or working across multiple sites it becomes very inefficient, there must be a better way?

By using connected screen technology, messages can quickly be designed and pushed out across a network to appear on hundreds of screens across multiple locations and sites with just a few clicks. These screens can be monitored remotely too, ensuring that the right content is appearing.

As part of a growing range of Connected Building Solutions, PCCW Global is now able to supply, install and manage a wide range of digital signage solutions. This leading edge technology has been designed to be an innovative and intuitive way to communicate with occupants in your building.

You can find out more about our range of solutions here.

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