Connecting with a wired or wireless router

1. If you’re using Wi-Fi, make sure it is turned on

Before proceeding, ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device. If it is not, make sure you check the following:

Some laptops have a physical switch on the sides for the Wi-Fi adapter. Check to see if you have one and that it is enabled.

Apple laptops have a Wi-Fi indicator on the menu bar that can be clicked to show the Wi-Fi toggle.

Desktop computers with Wi-Fi may have detachable antennas on the rear, if so, make sure they are attached to ensure you can see the Optify network.

iPhones and iPads have their Wi-Fi setting in the Preferences application. Alternatively, users on iOS 7 or higher can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get a Wi-Fi toggle button.

Android devices often have their Wi-Fi setting in the notification drawer, swipe down from the top of the screen to see it. You may need to swipe down twice on non-Samsung Android devices.

2. Connect to the router

Using Wi-Fi

Using Ethernet

Using the Wi-Fi menu on your device, pick the “Optify-xxxxx” wireless network and join it. You will need to enter the password printed on the label on the router.

Apple Mac OS X: Click on the Airport icon in the menu bar to get to the list of Wi-Fi networks.

Windows 7/8/8.1/10: Click on the networking icon on the taskbar to make the Wi-Fi network list appear.

Apple iOS: Tap Preferences on the home screen and then tap on the Wi-Fi option.

Android: If your device notifies you that there are open wireless networks available, tap the notification to see the list of networks. Otherwise, open the Settings app from your launcher and then tap on the Wi-Fi option.

Using an Ethernet cable, connect one end to the socket and the other to the Ethernet port on your computer.

3. Optify sign in screen

Depending on your device, the Optify sign in screen may appear in a window automatically. If not, just open your web browser and attempt to browse to a website - it will then be displayed in your browser.

If you don’t already have an account, you will need to click on the ‘Create Account’ button to begin the registration process.

4. Fill in your details and pick your product

From this point, you will need to pick a product, fill out your details agree to the Optify Terms and Conditions. Once you have completed registration, be sure to make a note of your username and password.

5. Use your new username and password to get online

You will be returned to the sign in screen once you have completed registration, use your new username and password to get online.

After successfully signing in, be sure to sign into your email and check for an email asking you to verify your email address.

This page was last modified on: 30/08/2018
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